Mobile Solutions...

Mobile consumers increasingly prefer text to voice communications and every business needs to communicate with their customers via text. Solutions ranging from Mobile Applications, Mobile Websites, Two-way SMS, and many more.

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Competitive price...

CellFuze not only offers several different retail texting opportunities but can build a complete and easy to use platform for larger companies. This API will be integrated within your current intranet and all data will be stored on your server and you will pay wholesale text rates!

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Custom Applications...

CellFuze is an in-house software development company that can assist with the rapid development of any mobile application. Trust the programmers of Cellfuze and their 16 years of experience. Your platform will be built with speed and excellence.

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Stand out in the crowd...

Cellfuze will give you the ability to stay in communication with your customers, students or patients with greater effectiveness and save money. Start developing your opt-in list now so by the time your competitors are texting you will already have the power of a text platform.

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Who is CellFUZE ?

CellFUZE SMS is a web based SMS service that can deliver SMS messages to the United States and the rest of the world. Our bulk SMS gateway is finely tuned to deliver the fastest and most reliable SMS messaging compared with other SMS Providers.

Send bulk text via our web interface or via our API's. Give us a call and we can get you started with specialist advice and great SMS marketing ideas for you and your clients. We provide the best mix of affordable SMS and high quality API programming.

  • Web based SMS text platform
  • Competitive SMS Text pricing and reliability

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Our Advantage

Run SMS keyword campaigns, build your database and get instant real time information to sales leads quickly and efficiently.

Keep up on mobile technology
Stay ahead of the curve with CellFUZE's mobile vision and experience.

Custom Mobile Solutions
Do you have a mobile marketing idea and would like to develop it?

Quick programming turn-around
With our in-house programmers we can quickly turn your project into profit.

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There are many variables involved in deciding the right application for you and your business. So contact one of application managers to discuss your options and pricing.

What our client says

Implementing a mobile campaign with CellFUZE was invigorating, utilizing their refreshing approach to mobile marketing.
Steve B. - Director of Marketing, Media Texting